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Video Cards
What is the VidiMake?
Vidimake is a web-based software that creates customizable video cards.

Texts and images on video cards specially prepared for the organization or project are personalized using software.

These videos are automatically uploaded to a cloud system, after which watch or download links can be posted to the person's email address, WhatsApp, or social media accounts.

Here are some areas where you can use the software.
- Brand PR Activities 
- Online Sales Websites 
- Sports Clubs 
- Social Aid Campaigns 
- City and Country Promotions  
How does it work?
  • A video card template, appropriate for the institution's identity, is being created. Static and dynamics of the prepared template are decided. 

  • Texts and images to be personalized are changed manually or automatically by linked to a database.

  • The software using these datas generates a special video and loads it into the cloud system. It then sends a link to the corresponding person to download video in four different resolutions.

  • The end user can easily share this video on their social media accounts if they wish.
Sample Card
You can customize text and/or images by changing them automatically. You can do PR work for your brand by using dozens of video card templates like this one.
Brand PR Activities
You Vidimake is a good tool for PR works of brands. You can send your customers customized video cards for their special days. Video cards with their names and/or pictures will make your customers feel special. Their loyalty to your mark will increase.

If you are a bank, you can send customized birthday cards to your customers.  And if you are a college, you can give a graduate video card gift to your students. An airline company can create video cards for customers with information about the remaining flight miles.  You do not need to do this separately for each customer. 

Vidimake can generate these video cards automatically by connecting to the Customer Relationship Management database. Produced video cards can still be posted to your customers' email addresses or social media accounts without needing a human resource. 
Sample Card
Texts and/or images can be customized easily by the end user. You can earn revenue by selling dozens of video card templates like this one on online sales sites.
Online Sales Websites
VidiMake is structured so that it can be integrated into other projects, sales sites and social media accounts. We can provide API support. 

Therefore, sales can be made to and users in cooperation with a national sales site. Customers can purchase special day video cards for people they love using this site. 

VidiMake can provide technical support under its own brand or can give this service under your brand.

Some video cards that can be sold online.
- Birthday Videos
- Valentine Day Cards
- Halloween Cards
- Christmas Greetings Cards
- Wedding Invitations
- Religious Day Celebrations
Sample Card
Texts and/or images can be customized easily by the end user. You can also use and/or earn money for your fan engagement work by using dozens of video card templates like this one.
Sports Clubs / Organizations 
VidiMake allows sports fans or audience to add their own text, photos and videos to ready-made video templates created for their sports club or events. Thus, VidiMake allows sports fans/audience to create personalized video cards and share them with others.

VidiMake contributes to the fan engagement/experience strategies of sports clubs or organisations.

Also, VidiMake is a powerful tool to support brand communication between sports fans/audience and brands/sponsors.

VidiMake can earn through
- sales at club stores (online and gift cards) and 
- sponsor / brand campaigns 
to sports clubs / organizations.
Sample Card
Texts and/or images can be customized easily by the end user. You can create funds for social works using dozens of video card templates like this one.
Social Aid Campaign
Sales of printed greeting cards have become a source of income for many non-governmental organizations and charities. UNICEF, for example, has successfully implemented projects for children around the world that have earned budgeted sales of printed greeting cards.

Vidimake offers an innovative solution to organizations for social campaigns. People who will support your projects can make special day memorials and celebrations with video cards of your institution and can introduce your work and provide budget support for your activities.

Using social support cards is technically very simple. Your website or social media accounts can be easily integrated. It is also integrated into your partners' sites or social media sites as iframes. This will make it easier for you to reach larger quantities.
Sample Card
Users can easily add text or image to the emplate. By using dozens of video card templates like this, you can advertise the tourism potential of your city to billions.
City and Country Promotions
The software can also be used effectively to promote public events. Especially video templates can be prepared to increase the tourism potential of the cities. In these templates, some parts of the template can be customized by the tourist, while other parts are keep statically with the attractive images of the place.

System here works as: Tourist add a photo, name or nickname of himself taken in the famous place of the city to the spftware. Writes his/her email address and gets a customized video as a memory from there.

The specially customized video for them sent to the email address. When tourists share videos on their social media accounts, they will contribute to the tourism potential of the city or country. This service can be conducted with public support or with sponsorship support.

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